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Dark Saber (Proffie 2.2)

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Dark Saber (Proffie 2.2)
Dark Saber (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$779.95 Regular price$965.00

Top 5 reasons to get a pixel lightsaber

1. Lighting Effects: Realistic effects and gradual saber ignition. The technology opens a multitude of opportunities for different effects to make the saber as close to reality as possible.

2. Brightness and Color Accuracy: Pixel lightsabers are famed for their vibrant, intense brightness, which gives them a much more realistic and cinematic appearance.

3. Sound Effects: Advanced sound effects, coupled with the lighting features, create an incredibly immersive experience.

4. Motion control: The complex electronic boards in the pixel saber not only allow for a more realistic display, but also add features that allow the wielder to use motion to control the saber.

5. Customization: The lighting and sound effects are customizable. Each saber comes with an SD card that can be used to create custom fonts and patterns.

The experience of wielding a pixel lightsaber is second to none. It provides the closest experience to wielding a real lightsaber from the Star Wars universe, making it a worthy investment for Star Wars fans, collectors, and cosplayers.

PixelSabers lightsaber ignition

Pixel saber features

1. LED Strip: One of the most important features of pixel lightsabers is the super bright LED strip inside the blade. It enabled infinite number of effects including the iconic ignition and shutdown sequences. When the saber is activated, the LEDs light up in sequence, from the hilt to the tip of the blade, creating a smooth, flowing ignition effect that is close to reality as possible. Similarly, when the saber is deactivated, the LEDs switch off in a sequence from the tip back down to the hilt.

2. Brightness and Color Accuracy: The technology allows for a higher LED count, enhancing brightness and producing a more evenly lit blade. Moreover, the individual control of each LED allows for more accurate and diverse color options. You can have a saber that replicates the cool blue of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, the fiery red of Darth Vader's, or any color in between.

3. Customization: Each saber comes with an SD card and the lighting and sound effects are fully customizable.

3a. Smart Phone Support (SN Pixel): SN Pixel cores have bluetooth smartphone capability enhancing the saber control and customization even further.

4. Flash on Clash: Clashing the sabers together creates a lighting and sound effect as if in a duel.

5. Blaster Deflection: Pixel technology allows for a neat feature where the lightsaber can simulate the visual effect of deflecting blaster bolts. This can involve a localized flash of light on the blade or a sequential light pattern traveling up the blade, adding to the authenticity of the lightsaber.

6. Unstable Blade Effect: This is a feature that allows the blade to replicate the unique "unstable" effect seen with Kylo Ren's lightsaber in the sequel trilogy. This can manifest as flickering light or fluctuating brightness along the blade.

7. Lock-up Effect: During a lightsaber duel, when blades lock in a clash, the Lock-up effect is used. This visual effect is characterized by a random or localized flickering in the center of the blade, simulating the struggle between the two locked sabers.

8. Motion control: Control every pixel saber with a flick of a wrist: change colors, sounds, and manipulate effects such as ignition, tip-drag, lock-up, and others.

9. Sound Effects: The advanced soundboards used in pixel lightsabers are designed to provide accurate, high-quality sound effects. These include the hum of the idle blade, the buzz during a swing, and the clash sounds during a duel.

10. Tip drag and stab effects: a lighting and sound effect where the tip of the saber lights up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

low price but high quality!


A really affordable product, well done

Darnell Tutten

It's pretty cool

Jesse Williams

Saber wiggles A LOT. It’s literally like a soft plastic ruler we all experienced back in grade school. Makes noises like it’s missing screws or bolts. Mine doesn’t make a noise when you hit objects or surfaces. The light sometimes goes off. So yes, the sabers light literally turns off and on which means it is not connected securely at the hilt. For $600, this is junk and I would not recommend. It’s coming from China so I’m honestly not surprised.

Josh O'Bright

I got my Dark Saber Proffie last month. It initiallly had no problems and I loved the sound and lighting on this. The biggest issue was that the blade wobbles back and forth and is not very solid like a light saber should be. This makes certain moves awward and does not help the overall feel of the blade. The hilt is perfect in look and feel.

I had an issue where the blade stopped lighting up. This just happened for no reason and I barely used it up to that point other than twirling and swinging it normally. It was never dropped or abused. I was told it was a defective blade so I was sent a new one.

I just got the new one yesterday and noticed on top of being wobbly one way it now is not snug in the hilt and bobs slighly up and down plus the hilt is now just not fully powering up. I am hoping this charging issue will be resolved but I figure I will see what else is out there for other sabers since this is my first ever and I already have issues. Giving it 1 out of 5 stars unless issues reslved.