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Sale Range
Save 36%Knight (Baselit)Knight (Baselit)
Knight (Baselit) Sale price$95.95 Regular price$150.00
Save 36%Inquisitor (Baselit)Inquisitor (Baselit)
Inquisitor (Baselit) Sale price$95.95 Regular price$150.00
Save 29%Luke (Baselit)Luke (Baselit)
Luke (Baselit) Sale price$195.95 Regular price$275.00
Save 32%Ares Baselit SaberAres Baselit Saber
Praetor - Set of Two (Baselit) Sale price$214.95 Regular price$315.00
Save 36%Lego (Baselit)Lego (Baselit)
Lego (Baselit) Sale price$174.95 Regular price$275.00
Save 36%Crescent (Baselit)Crescent (Baselit)
Crescent (Baselit) Sale price$159.95 Regular price$250.00
Save 33%Praetor (Baselit)Praetor (Baselit)
Praetor (Baselit) Sale price$134.95 Regular price$200.00
Save 31%Night Watch (Baselit)Night Watch (Baselit)
Night Watch (Baselit) Sale price$154.95 Regular price$225.00
Save 30%Kendo (Baselit)Kendo (Baselit)
Kendo (Baselit) Sale price$122.95 Regular price$175.00
Save 40%Izar (Baselit)Izar (Baselit)
Izar (Baselit) Sale price$119.95 Regular price$200.00
Save 50%Electrum (Baselit)Electrum (Baselit)
Electrum (Baselit) Sale price$135.95 Regular price$270.00
Save 35%Centaur (Baselit)Centaur (Baselit)
Centaur (Baselit) Sale price$149.95 Regular price$230.00
Save 40%Eclipse (Baselit)Eclipse (Baselit)
Eclipse (Baselit) Sale price$166.95 Regular price$280.00
On saleDuelist (Baselit)Duelist (Baselit)
Duelist (Baselit) Sale price$164.95 Regular price$235.00
Save 26%Argent (Baselit)Argent (Baselit)
Argent (Baselit) Sale price$154.95 Regular price$210.00
Save 25%Liberator (Baselit)Liberator (Baselit)
Liberator (Baselit) Sale price$95.95 Regular price$127.95
Save 36%Enforcer (Baselit)Enforcer (Baselit)
Enforcer (Baselit) Sale price$95.95 Regular price$150.00
Save 36%Padawan (Baselit)Padawan (Baselit)
Padawan (Baselit) Sale price$95.95 Regular price$150.00