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Lightsaber Instructions

All our lightsabers are full-featured and boast functions like smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, multiple blade colors, blaster deflection and more.

What's more amazing all of these features can be controlled via one or two buttons plus gesture controls.

The specific instructions vary based on the electronics type and are included in the manual. The core is the electronic component of a lightsaber that includes a small processor, audio amplifier, a speaker, 6 axis gyroscopic motion sensor and more.

We feature lightsabers with three Neopixel core types: SN Pixel, Golden Harvest, and Proffie. In addition to that some models come with one control button, while others come with two control buttons.

Refer to the correct section of the manual for the core type and number of buttons on your saber. Your saber can be controlled by using the button(s) and/or motion gestures a.k.a sense operation.