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Luke (Baselit)

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Luke (Baselit)
Luke (Baselit) Sale price$195.95 Regular price$275.00

Top 5 reasons to get a baselit lightsaber

1. Most Durable: Baselit sabers come with simple and durable Polycarbonate blade able to withstand the impacts of heavy dueling.

2. Easier to Use: Baselit sabers pack fewer features than their Pixel counterparts, but at the same time it makes them easier to master.

3. Sound Effects: Advanced sound effects, coupled with the lighting features, create an incredibly immersive experience.

4. Motion control: The complex electronic boards in the pixel saber not only allow for a more realistic display, but also add features that allow the wielder to use motion to control the saber.

5. Customization: The lighting and sound effects are customizable. Each saber comes with an SD card that can be used to create custom fonts and patterns.

Baselit saber features

1. Multiple Colors: One of the most desirable and impressive features of modern lightsabers is ability to change colors on the fly. Our baselit sabers can switch blade color at the press of a button. Become any character from the saga by choosing the proper blade color.

2. Brightness: Baselit sabers are illuminated by a powerful 12 Watt LED and with the help if diffusion film they create a bright and evenly lit blade.

3. Customization: Each saber comes with an SD card and the lighting and sound effects are fully customizable.

3a. Smart Phone Support (SN Pixel): SN Pixel cores have bluetooth smartphone capability enhancing the saber control and customization even further.

4. Flash on Clash: Clashing the sabers together creates a lighting and sound effect as if in a duel.

5. Blaster Deflection: Press the button and the blade will flash white as of being hit by a blaster shot.

6. Unstable Blade Effect: This is a feature that allows the blade to replicate the unique "unstable" effect seen with Kylo Ren's lightsaber in the sequel trilogy. This can manifest as flickering light or fluctuating brightness along the blade.

7. Motion control: Control every baselit saber with a flick of a wrist: change colors, sounds, and manipulate effects such as ignition, blade effects and others.

8. Sound Effects: The advanced soundboards used in baselit lightsabers are designed to provide accurate, high-quality sound effects. These include the hum of the idle blade, the buzz during a swing, and the clash sounds during a duel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews

Awesome saber and fast delivery!

Jamie Klod

Love it, but shipping took a while

Kelvin O’Neill
Poor quality

bought it in may, haven’t even used it that much yet there has still been issues with it. After about 6 months the button went dodgy and would only work sometimes and the plastic around it snapped off and when i put the blade in it won’t light up (i have the Proffie blade) and i have no clue how to fix this. Wouldn’t recommend.

Nicole Anaya

My significant other loved it! Still like brand-new, very reliable and affordable compared to other brands.

Joe Boulton

I absolutely cannot wait for my girlfriend’s reaction on Christmas. What an item, I’ve played with it for a few hours and it’s not even mine. Fantastic