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Proffie Lightsabers

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Sale Range
Save 23%Wren Pixel SaberWren Pixel Saber
Wren (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$669.95 Regular price$870.00
Save 24%Windu Pixel SaberWindu Pixel Saber
Windu (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$779.95 Regular price$1,025.00
Save 21%Ven Pixel SaberVen Pixel Saber
Ven (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$549.95 Regular price$700.00
Save 20%Vader Pixel SaberVader Pixel Saber
Vader (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$699.95 Regular price$875.00
Save 26%Trooper Pixel SaberTrooper Pixel Saber
Trooper (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$479.95 Regular price$650.00
Save 25%Star Killer Pixel SaberStar Killer Pixel Saber
Star Killer (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$599.95 Regular price$800.00
Save 21%Star Killer 2 Pixel SaberStar Killer 2 Pixel Saber
Star Killer 2 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$629.95 Regular price$800.00
Save 25%Solstice Pixel SaberSolstice Pixel Saber
Solstice (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$599.95 Regular price$800.00
Save 25%Shin (Proffie 2.2)
Shin (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$599.95 Regular price$800.00
Save 21%Ronin Pixel SaberRonin Pixel Saber
Ronin (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$669.95 Regular price$850.00
Save 30%Quasar Pixel SaberQuasar Pixel Saber
Quasar (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$499.95 Regular price$710.00
Save 18%Paladin Pixel SaberPaladin Pixel Saber
Guardian (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$449.95 Regular price$550.00
Save 13%Obi Wan EP3 Pixel SaberObi Wan EP3 Pixel Saber
Obi Wan EP3 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$744.95 Regular price$860.00
Save 13%Obi Wan EP1 (Proffie 2.2)Obi Wan EP1 (Proffie 2.2)
Obi Wan EP1 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$744.95 Regular price$860.00
Save 19%Dark Saber (Proffie 2.2)Dark Saber (Proffie 2.2)
Dark Saber (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$779.95 Regular price$965.00
Save 24%Luke EP6 (Proffie 2.2)Luke EP6 (Proffie 2.2)
Luke EP6 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$569.95 Regular price$750.00
Save 20%Luke (Proffie 2.2)Luke (Proffie 2.2)
Luke (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$499.95 Regular price$625.00
On saleLego (Proffie 2.2)Lego (Proffie 2.2)
Lego (Proffie 2.2) Sale priceFrom $454.95 Regular price$700.00
Save 19%Katarn (Proffie 2.2)Katarn (Proffie 2.2)
Katarn (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$549.95 Regular price$675.00
Save 9%Kanan (Proffie 2.2)Kanan (Proffie 2.2)
Kanan (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$749.95 Regular price$825.00
Save 14%Fallen (Proffie 2.2)Fallen (Proffie 2.2)
Fallen (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$739.95 Regular price$865.00
Save 37%Eclipse (Proffie 2.2)Eclipse (Proffie 2.2)
Eclipse (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$382.95 Regular price$605.00
Save 27%Eclipse 2 (Proffie 2.2)Eclipse 2 (Proffie 2.2)
Eclipse 2 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$729.95 Regular price$1,000.00
Save 9%Darth Revan (Proffie 2.2)Darth Revan (Proffie 2.2)
Darth Revan (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$769.95 Regular price$850.00
Save 19%Darth Maul - Set of Two (Proffie 2.2)Darth Maul - Set of Two (Proffie 2.2)
Darth Maul - Set of Two (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$784.95 Regular price$970.00
Save 12%Boone Kestis Pixel SaberBoone Kestis Pixel Saber
Boone Kestis (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$839.95 Regular price$950.00
Save 38%Arrow Pixel SaberArrow Pixel Saber
Arrow (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$499.95 Regular price$800.00
Save 19%Anakin EP3 (Proffie 2.2)Anakin EP3 (Proffie 2.2)
Anakin EP3 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$729.95 Regular price$900.00
Save 19%Anakin EP2 (Proffie 2.2)Anakin EP2 (Proffie 2.2)
Anakin EP2 (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$729.95 Regular price$900.00
Save 20%Judger (Proffie 2.2)Judger (Proffie 2.2)
Judger (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$639.95 Regular price$800.00
Save 15%Admiral (Proffie 2.2)Admiral (Proffie 2.2)
Admiral (Proffie 2.2) Sale price$614.95 Regular price$725.00